External Technical Expert | M.Pharm, Ph.D

Professional Experience:

More than 47 years of Industrial and Research Experience in the field of pharmacy and polymer science. He is a member of Editorial Board of International Society of Applied Sciences (ISAS, USA); Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences; World-Academia Org. Publication, UK, London; and Peer Reviewer of Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Science; Informa Healthcare, USA; Drug Delivery, Journal of Microencapsulation; and Doe Press Publications, US. Dr. Mathur is a life-time member of 4 learned societies including IPA & Central India Cancer Research Institute Ethical committee. Dr. Mathur is the inventor of 3 Indian Patents, 1 Chinese and 1 Chilean Patent. Dr. Mathur has published several research papers in reputed National &
International Journal including Indian Drugs, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science, Actapharmaceutica, Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy, Der Pharmacia Lettre. Under the guidance of Dr. Mathur, several M.Pharm. and Ph.D students have successfully completed the research work.

His Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing and reviewing patent applications related to drug delivery system, polymer science and other pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical inventions.