• BA, LLB

Professional Experience:

He is an exceptional lawyer practicing as an Advocate before the District Court, the High Court and Registry of Copyright since 1999. He is a senior lawyer with vast expertise in corporate and IP law. He oversees high level operations. An executive legal counsel for Lex Regia and other similar companies, he is experienced in legal submissions.

His Responsibilities:

  • Involved in IP assignment and licensing.
  • Handles infringement cases with appellate boards
  • Civil and allied commercial cases
  • Legal drafting for Proof of Right, Assignment Deed for Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreement for Patents, Designs Trademark, GIs and Copyright
  • Activity and procedural aspects for any suit before District Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Attending a hearing for any law suit in Appropriate Jurisdiction.
  • Activity and procedural aspects for Appellate Board Proceeding.